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Why Alkaline Lyfe

Alkaline Lyfe is one of the unique water companies that use pure, natural, untouched, spring alkaline water. Your body processes natural water differently than water with enhancements. Our bodies were made to drink pure water from the earth. Nothing can produce anything better than mother nature.

The Alkaline Lyfe Story

May 4th, 2014 our founder Malcom Critenden was admitted to the hospital with a blood sugar level of 480. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and prescribed 3 different medications. He made a commitment to his self and his family that he would beat this disease. He started researching natural ways to help and that’s when I discovered the benefits of natural alkaline ingredients.

He made a huge diet change. He started eating alkaline foods, taking alkaline herbs, and drinking natural spring alkaline water. He is currently diabetes free and prescription free. He started Alkaline Lyfe LLC in 2017 so that everyone could enjoy the benefits of living an alkaline lifestyle.

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Wholesale  Application 

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Alkaline Lyfe’s mission statement is to enhance the lifestyle and well-being of our customers by providing them with the benefits of pure organic alkaline ingredients. Our company slogan is “Change Your Life With Alkaline Lyfe”.


Our vision is to empower everyone to reach there optimal health through natural alkaline products. Boosie loved the product so much he became a partner.


Our Store Location
Our Store is located on the eastside of Atlanta in Lithonia (Stonecrest), Ga. 2372 S Stone Mtn Lithonia Rd, Lithonia Ga 30058

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