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Alkaline Lyfe is one of the unique water companies that use pure, natural, untouched, spring alkaline water. Your body processes natural water differently than water with enhancements. Our bodies were made to drink pure water from the earth. Nothing can produce anything better than mother nature.

The Alkaline Lyfe Story

On May 4th, 2014, our founder, Malcom Critenden, was hospitalized due to a blood sugar level of 480 and was subsequently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Determined to overcome this condition, he pledged to himself and his family to conquer the disease. Engaging in extensive research on natural remedies, he stumbled upon the remarkable advantages of incorporating natural alkaline ingredients into his lifestyle.

Initiating a profound dietary transformation, Malcom embraced alkaline-rich foods, supplemented by alkaline herbs, and embraced natural spring alkaline water. As a result of his commitment, he achieved freedom from diabetes and the necessity for prescription medications. In 2017, he established Alkaline Lyfe LLC, driven by the vision of enabling others to experience the transformative benefits of an alkaline lifestyle.

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